Onigiri Restaurant Identity

Onigiri is a demonically delicious lunch café, featuring the Japanese comfort food, onigiri (お握り). Japanese Oni legends range from dark and serious to comical and playful. I wanted to express their narratives in the Onigiri packaging by creating characters out of each Oni legend, such as Hako Oni. Each onigiri container contains an Oni, whose story is displayed on the side. This adds a narrative component to the lunch café.

Instructor: Kelly Holohan

Photography: Austen Hart

Awards and Exhibitions:

Adobe Awards Finalist 2018

Displayed in the Student Annual Showcase at Tyler, Spring 2018

Below is the branding manual for the restaurant identity that outlines the process to which the design system came to realization, in addition to instructions on how to apply the logo and other branding material in expanded versions of the restaurant.

Below is a prototyped version of the website of the restaurant, where the viewer can not only explore the menu, but dive deeper into the stories of each onigiri. If you scroll to the bottom of the page and click “mobile version,” you can view the website in it’s mobile design.