LocalLink is a social media app designed to connect people across the world and help to shatter language barriers through in-app translation. During my sophomore year of college, I had the opportunity to travel abroad in Tokyo, and discovered how difficult it was to build a new community in a foreign country, especially with a language barrier. Therefore, my experience there inspired me to create LocalLink, which addresses some of the problems I’ve encountered while studying abroad. My app not only has an embedded translation feature to quickly allow the user to communicate with someone, but it also allows the user to meet people from their destinations prior to visiting. This helps to establish a group of people the user can rely on prior to flying. LocalLink also features new technology, such as using Google Pixel Pods for live-translation.

The design itself emulates vibrant envelope designs and old printed maps, intended to evoke a sense of wanderlust and encourage travel.

Instructor: Courtney Spencer

To the left is a prototyped version of the app, which is fully clickable.
Feel free to explore the app!


Below is a screenflow of the promotional website for the app.

Below outlines the process of creating the app, including the digital assets for the UI kit, and a user flow.