First Friday Website Design

First Friday is a platform where visitors can explore and become involved in the First Friday gallery events in historic Philadelphia. As a Philadelphia native and someone who visits First Friday events every month, I found it shocking that there is no resource that consolidates all these events for visitors to sift through. Therefore, I created this website to establish an easily accessible resource to explore and map out which First Friday events one would like to attend prior to going out. Divided into major neighborhoods where First Friday events can be found, each page gives a list of recommended events to check out, a list of all the galleries in that area, and other things to discover (such as restaurants, bars, and other venues) after visiting First Friday events. By dividing each page of the website into the neighborhoods, this allows the user to explore events that are within the same vicinity to make it easier to visit each gallery. Additionally, I’ve provided information on restaurants, bars, and made a list of the local galleries at the bottom.

The stylization of the website is intended to emulate night-life scenery, as First Friday events typically take place in the evenings, and maintain an energetic, party-like atmosphere.

Instructor: Sean Brodbeck and Dermot MacCormack